Wednesday, 11 May 2011

empty promises _ lower dewaal drive

Stolen by tech students
after three days.
Featured on News 24.


  1. I found you on 13/5, i like your style

    was this you as well? (spotted 14/3)

  2. Dylan, we are considering court action against this 'fashion stylist' interloper. The said party has admitted to putting up only one of these offending copycat boards, however we take this kind of infraction very seriously and have already acquired the services of a 'legitimate dept collector sort of freelance guy' to handle the issue in as clean a manner as possible. We apologize for the confusion and will make sure that this never happens again. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, feel free to call 0834319513 for a 35% discount on any of our multitude of services on offer.

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  4. You will be happy to know that your "empty promises" board has gone to a better place in the form of a guy promising free beaded flowers with a donation request to follow. He is using it to hold his wares. He swiftly evacuated when an attempt at visual evidence was attempted