Saturday, 7 May 2011

horse meat _ victoria rd _ hout bay

Horse meat was up for less than 24hrs
before being removed by distressed equestrians.

It was taken to the Hout Bay Police station
who left a message:

"This is Captain Bester of the Hout Bay Police.
I am phoning about this horse meat. I want to know where you are getting this meat from. Call me back."


  1. ha ha - what a warped sense of humour! very funny actually. as an animal lover i can just imagine the outrage. b

  2. Classic - loved the Zuma one! Check out my blog - gave you a plug ;)

  3. have the police not tracked and/ or tried to shut this project down? surely they could of tracked you down with the whole rica system?

    such a great project, cant wait to see the results.

  4. We have JZ in our pocket Max. Small pocket, in the front, with the gum and change.