Monday, 16 May 2011

theraputic herbal weed _ union ave newlands

Theraputic Herbal Weed got lots of calls:
some seriously wanting the stuff
and others, including a few well-spoken
ladies called regularly in search of "the legal version without the bad stuff in it."

Theraputic Herbal Weed received no calls from the cops.

It was removed after a week, hopefully by a few stoners.


  1. This was the first one I saw. Tried to get photo's of the signs ever since then - don't always manage before they get taken down. It makes my day every time I see one.

    My favourite is "hair cut private parts" - made me laugh.

    Thank you for making my day :)

  2. Haircut private parts was not a joke, in fact for this week only we have a 50% discount for all couples of mixed races.